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Anxiety & Stress


Anxiety is a specific reaction to stress and is of an internal origin.  It will feel like a continuous feeling of dread, apprehension or overwhelm in circumstances that are not actually threatening.  Anxiety persists even after a circumstance is resolved or has passed.

Individuals may experience Anxiety as a pounding heart, rapid breathing, butterflies in the stomach and a burst of energy as well as mental responses such as excessive fears, worries or obsessive thinking.  This is the body’s physical response to something that we perceive is a threat.

We all experience anxiety at times. It is a natural alertness and energy allowing us to avoid danger to enable escape. However, for some people these anxious feelings don’t dissipate or go away. Situations can seem much worse than they really are, and their anxiety affects their ability to concentrate, sleep and carry out ordinary tasks. These feelings can be caused by anxiety disorders.


Generally, Stress is a response to an external cause/trigger.  This may be a work deadline or say an argument with a spouse and will subside once the situation is resolved or the deadline has passed. As stress is caused by an external factor addressing these issues directly can help.

A person who is under stress may experience physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches and heart palpitations. They may also feel anxious or irritable and have difficulty sleeping.  Stress may be caused by work, family, personal relationships, or other sources. It can be good for us in small doses but too much stress can have adverse effects on our health and well-being

Stress is a common response to situations that are perceived as threatening or overwhelming. Stress is the body's way of preparing for the "fight or flight" response.  The fight-or-flight response is an evolutionary survival mechanism that has been around since the time of early humans. The stress response was developed so that humans could either fight off a threat and survive or run away from it and live to see another day. This same stress response can be triggered by modern-day worries, such as finances, relationships, health issues and more.