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Habits & Addictions

Quit Smoking

Whatever your reason for wanting to quit smoking I'm here to tell you that it is easy and that you can quit without withdrawals, putting on weight or feeling like you are missing something.

Smoking is a habit, it can feel like an addiction, but it is a habit. You learned that habit and you can unlearn that habit. You do not need to replace smoking with any other habit. You can just stop smoking.

All those reasons and excuses that have been keeping you smoking will no longer have any control over you.

Smokers are good at Quitting, it’s the staying Quit they have trouble with.  This is where we can help retrain your subconscious mind, so you do NOT feel the desire for cigarettes.

Most smokers want to quit, who wouldn't, given the health implications of smoking. But it can feel like a lot of hard work.  It doesn't have to be.  What about the cravings, the urges, being around other smokers, how will I cope with that, I hear you say...

All those things that once triggered you to smoke are addressed before and during the hypnosis.  

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Control Alcohol

It’s easy to get out of control very quickly with the quantity and frequency of Alcohol you consume.  Perhaps it starts out as drinking socially or maybe each night after work because you perceive it relaxes you.  Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed after having a hectic or stressful day?  This pattern very easily can take control of you and if not addressed may have disastrous consequences emotionally and physically. 

Quite often alcohol like food or drugs is used to tranquilise ourselves.  We use it to stuff down our feelings and life challenges as they appear overwhelming and never ending. 

Alcohol is never the answer.   Sure, you may sleep better because you have passed out from drinking too much.  You may feel like it quietens your mind, so you get some peace.  Unfortunately, Alcohol doesn’t fix anything.  It never has – it never will.  It just compounds any problem or issue you may be trying to escape by using alcohol to numb yourself.

If you are ready to regain control over Alcohol, learn how to handle the stresses of daily life and work then please contact us for a free strategy call and see how we can help you.

Stop Vaping

Vaping or e-Cigarettes have been marketed as safer than normal cigarettes, but the effects of vaping can be just as severe.  A recent study found 100 per cent of the 52 e-liquids tested were incorrectly labelled, all of them containing deadly chemicals.  This includes eugenol, which is used to euthanise fish and propylene glycol, which is found in paint.

Oftentimes people Vape because they think it will help them Quit Smoking, they perceive it’s cheaper than traditional cigarettes, taste better than traditional cigarettes, can vape in places where traditional cigarettes are banned, curiosity, seen as more acceptable than traditional cigarettes.

Seriously, if you are Vaping you are smoking.  The same neuro-brain transmitters are engaged in the process of Vaping and Smoking cigarettes.  Some clients find themselves Vaping much more than they were smoking.  It can become a habit that overtakes and control you very quickly.

If you want to Stop Vaping and regain control over this unhealthy habit please reach out to us via email or call us on T: 1300 72 31 36 for a free strategy call.