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Finally, someone who really knows what the issues are for those of us who need to lose some weight. She’s been where I am, she has experienced the same emotions and feelings of overwhelm that I do. It all makes sense now. I am in control for the first time in my life. I can’t tell you how liberating that is.


This workshop was such a turning point for me. I learned how I could control my cravings in a matter of minutes. The freedom it has given me is wonderful, I feel like I am back in control. I have lost 11kgs since the workshop and still losing but I'm eating what I want just not to excess.


Well, here I am 12 weeks ater and I have lost 26.5 kgs with Julia’s HypnoSlim programme. Its been totally life changing and I have done it without dieting. I am even enjoying exercising! I am not deprived and it is easy. Thank you for your passion and support.


This is without doubt the BEST thing I have ever done. I purchased a hypnosis recording from Julia and felt different from the very first time I listened. My family and friends even notice that I am different. I feel like someone has cleared all my blockages and excuses. I feel normal now and I have lost 3kgs in ten days. It’s easy. Thank you.


A bingeing emotional Chocoholic that was me. Julia showed me that it is possible to have control. I have not had one tiny bit of chocolate since my first session and I have lost 18.2 kgs to boot. I feel wonderful. I am in control for the first time in my life. Can't recommend her highly enough.


I learned so much from the workshop. It was fun, informative and bloody good! I have lost 7kgs without going on another diet. Control over my appetite and food was something I struggled with all my life. Not anymore. I can't tell you how great it feels and how grateful I am.


For as many years as I can remember I had always bitten my nails. I have always been ashamed and embarrased and being a bloke I thought I should be able to control myself but I couldn't.  I stopped biting my nails after seeing Julia. I just couldn't believe it, I really stopped.  I am so proud and confident now.


Suffering from anxiety after my child was born was debilitating for me. I didn't understand it and I couldn't see myself ever being "normal" again. Julia helped me regain my confidence and self esteem and taught me how to alleviate anxiety should I get "stuck" again. What a gift she has.  I can not thank her enough...


I was totally paralysed by my extreme fear of flying. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. Then my GP referred me to Julia . That was 3 years ago and my fear of flying is completely gone.  I have travelled extensively since and now enjoying flying.  It was simple, fast and gave me freedom.  Thankyou so much. 


Being around other smokers doesn't bother me at all, it's strange but sometimes I feel like I never even smoked before. It was easy, now I just feel guilty because I didn't actually realise how much of my money had gone up in smoke. I could have paid cash for every car I bought on finance.  Still the next one will be paid with cash!!  Thanks Julia


Tried everything, absolutely everything. Some thought that I was just going to be wasting my money again.  WRONG!!! I am a person who USED to smoke. Why did I wait so long???? Thanks ...


Waited to long to do something about giving up smoking because I didn't think I was strong willed enough. This made it effortless. Social gatherings are no problem for me now

where they have been in the past when I have tried to give up.


I Quit and then I gave my wife a gift certificate for her birthday?and she has quit too!! We now save all the money we would usually have spent on cigarettes and have booked an overseas holiday which we never thought we could afford. With the money we are saving from not buying cigarettes we realized we could have a fantastic holiday every year!


I am so thrilled to have finally quit smoking, never thought I could do it but it really is true that when you are ready to give something up?it's easy.  Thankyou so much.


All those years all that money up in smoke. My health has improved so much I feel like a new woman.  Thankyou for helping me to make my life so much better and happier.


Have to admit, I was skeptical. Didn't think that it would work. But IT DID. Now I am so proud of myself when someone offers me a cigarette, I say, NO thankyou I am a NON SMOKER. Those words are so so sweet. Didn't think I would ever be able to say them and with confidence. Thanks again .