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Weight Loss Programs

HypnoSlim - Weight Loss Hypnosis

Many of us have tried to lose weight but been continuously unsuccessful. You know what I mean, you have probably tried every fad that was going around, only to get disheartened again when the weight goes back on.  We all know Diets Do Not Work, yet continually undertake them endeavouring to make this one the last one we ever have to undertake. If only…


The Hypno-Slim program reinforces a new belief and mindset to change your relationship with food and eating patterns without dieting or depriving yourself.  Hypno-Slim will help you feel satiated with eating smaller portions, control your appetite, eliminate cravings and get you motivated to move your body.

This program works.  Stop the cycle, stop the struggle of yo-yo dieting once and for all by changing your mindset permanently for a healthy slimmer body that is easily maintained.

For further information please contact us via email or telephone.

Eliminate Emotional Eating & Bingeing

Emotional eating and eating unconsciously when we are not hungry is the No. 1 reason weight gain occurs.   Being aware of how, when & why you are eating will allow you to take control of your relationship with food and ultimately your weight.

 Food has been used as a reward, as a special treat. It’s been given to us to make us feel better when we have been upset or emotional, or a reward for making grades at school or achieving milestones. This then creates an unconscious Habit of eating to make ourselves feel better and unfortunately it just doesn’t work.  It never will. 

Emotional Eating & Bingeing can make you feel like you are crazy and never going to be in control of food again.  Most often you are eating and not hungry.  You will have no concept of what being hungry is because what you are experiencing is an emotional hunger not a physical hunger.

This program is going to help you eliminate emotional eating once and for all by giving you the tools and confidence to take control once and for all.  Weight loss will be a wonderful side effect of conquering those emotional eating and bingeing habits.

Hypno-Band Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis

Easy, painless, and effective weight loss normally achieved with surgery and now available using the incredible power of your mind with the aid of hypnosis!

This is the sensation of your stomach being constricted by a gastric banding similar to a surgical adjustable gastric/lap band. This sensation results from a non-surgical procedure that uses hypnosis and the power of your mind. Your sub-conscious mind regulates all your body processes, it produces the sensation of constriction on your stomach. Feeling satiated with smaller quantities of food, you eat less and you make better food choices. The result is that you steadily lose excess weight, reach your healthy weight goal, and easily maintain a balanced nutrition thereafter.

Hypno-Band VGB Hypnosis for clients who have a physical Gastric Band in situ after weight loss surgery serves as a great tool and motivator to get them back on track towards their goal of permanent weight loss.  These clients be experiencing problems with the physical band and struggling to maintain their weight loss or regaining weight lost.

For further information on the program and how it works please contact us for a free strategy call on any of the numbers listed here on the website.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Mindset Transformation

Weight Loss Surgery is a Tool.  It’s what you do after Surgery that determines your success.  It takes commitment, motivation, and hard work to achieve long term success.  Challenging physical and psychological issues can arise after surgery which if not addressed can sabotage your progress.  Weight Regain after the honeymoon stage is very common.  It occurs because those old eating habits creep back in to our life because we didn’t address the most important aspect of any weight loss program.  MINDSET.    

You decided to have WLS because you wanted a better life, you wanted to stop that continual struggle of losing and gaining.  Hell, you just wanted feel “normal”, to be “normal”.  A compelling reason to undertake the surgery!

Being overweight or obese may even have become life threatening and surgery was the only option.  You’re excited, optimistic, and confident that finally an answer is presented.  But reality can be so different.  WLS is a tool but quite often sold as a fix-all.  It’s not.  Change must happen on many levels and most importantly Psychologically.  It is crucial to sustained success and health after WLS.

We are here to Guide you through your Weight Loss Surgery Journey.  From your Pre-Surgery, Post Surgery Our proven success in Mindset Transformation, Motivation, Nutrition and Fitness and Emotional Management Techniques ensure your long-term goal to a slimmer, healthier you.

You’ve looked at those before and after photos, you’ve seen the transformations, you’ve heard how losing weight has dramatically and totally transformed someone’s life.  Why not you? Why isn’t that your story?  What did they do what you haven’t done?  I guarantee you that with every sustained weight loss transformation story, change of Mindset was paramount to sustained success.

If you are ready to Transform your habits, behaviours and Mindset for a successful Weight Loss Surgery journey then call us today for more information.

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